Stream videos with your webcam


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Yawcam is a unique app for your webcam with which you’ll be able to stream video from the sequences that you capture with it.

But this isn’t all—with Yawcam you will be able to configure the program so that it sends the captures via FTP to a certain webpage. The formats that it supports are JPG, PNG, and GIF. It also allows the dissemination of images through HTTP.

It comes with a simple control panel for video streaming in which you can know in real time who is connected to your computer. Additionally, it is possible to protect access to this service with a password.

Finally, it’s possible to add text, which will be superimposed, to the image. It establishes the type of source, color, and size, and it’s done.

It is recommended to download a program update that resolves important security vulnerability on the program server. You can download it at: here.

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